Sunday, June 3, 2012

Something The Past Written In Me-2-(written by Wendyll Lei)

A Lifetime And Wonderful Day with you~

I still remember my lifetime with you and Lawrence.When I return to Raub last 6 month ago,I saw you and you still looks like him.More than him and you looks like the person we use to care and sharing and in this lifetime too.
    I wish I can meet you again but I wish I could.I always had a dream that we always play near the lake.We always sing songs and you always play the harmonica that time while Lawrence always clap his hand together with me.Then we always talk about our future,want to become a great writer,musician and his dream is want to become a great teacher.We always talk about our problems too that time.
   Until one day....
 He has gone and he leave a message to us.."never break up and I wish to be with you all again,brother and sister."..and that was I heard when you hold his left hand and I holding his right hand.He blew his last breath.And I still remember your eyes tears slowly flow from your heart to your eyes.I was about the same with you.Your heart breaks I know,just like mine too.It was 3 years ago.
   I still remember your phrases to us.."There is no way we can give up in life cause every life is so important to the future."
Then..on the last day farewell  your message to him were just "farewell,brother." and you leave me alone on that time..and I had to go KL and stay for 3 years until this year.
               This year..I had a good day and good month,time and we almost spend time together this year and my parents were proud of you that you were in the Chart of The Year. Especially my dad that now he retired from his old company and working to another company.
   Until today I can still remember how you teach me many things like dancing,gaming and music and also many things especially that you read many stories to me.
 I was so happy to meet you again this year.
        And also I met your friends too.
Sometimes you protect me from danger too like that help me from that man try to rob me.
I still remember your stories about this man who struggle hard to find money for his wife and children until one day he had to do many crimes for his families and end up to death.And I still remember the ending of the stories too.His sons were success in his life.And the other one was how this boy always found his real dreams and the boy it was you,who found his dream now and today.
     It was a wonderful time and this world maybe always meant for something.
 Although we both were just friend but I can feel we are more than that.We are best friends and I even though we can be great friends instead.
  Remember the ring I gave you and you don't know how to read Chinese.It means "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" and remember the memorial chain that you are wearing by the name BENNEDICT L.N..I know it was memorial of him.I saw you always wearing it.
  I know many things..I know that you got angry issue sometimes but you can keep patient.
          I also know sometimes you can be rude for certain reason and you can be honest and many things.And you are the most weirdest,kind and the best person I ever met.I wonder if there any boys that are like this.It's rare.
      Even your friend told me that you are good and friendly too.Like Diana Wen Shi told me once before.I was happy to talk to her last 3 days ago.Even Wai Hong and Uncle Peter too they share many things to me.
 Ben,I know you will had a wonderful future lifetime if you success hard always.
             Ben,I also know you can do it just like you told me that "Nothing is impossible after all."
I miss you so much.Even though many people can read this I know I can share something to the world too.
              And today I wanna wish you luck even though you don't believe in luck sometimes but I wish you the best in this year PMR and so on till your life.
       Actually I want to tell you that..once you told me before too "We may not meet again,but we may not forget each other."
 And also Ben,thanks a lot.Thank you so much for this meaningful friendship between us.If you read this,I know you gonna cry and I'm sad too now.My tears flowing but I'm happy to know you.I am very happy now cause,you are now safe and sound so do I.And you might happy with your new life too.So do I.And today I wanna tell you that I am grateful with you always.Always in my heart.
                                        I love you so someone I ever know forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...
See you soon^^..
                     And Wen Shi,thanks for your sharing that day.

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