Sunday, June 3, 2012

Something The Past Written In Me-1-(written by Wendyll Lei)

He is a cunning,weird,friendly,lovely,caring,cute,cuddly,silent,good,talented and a great friend.But sometimes he always had very bad temper and little naive.Hahaha.LOL!
His name is Benny Liew,a boy I've ever met in my lifetime.He is the weirdest of all.Haha.
But one thing about him I crush on him?If he read this sure he feeling sorry about it.
About my life with him---

    I met Benny since I was 4 years old and also another boy too name Lawrence A.Laei.But Lawrence already pass life with Ben now still normal except we both very far away now.

My life with him..

When I met him at the bus stop last 6 month ago,he was tall,good looking person and.

On the first day he take me to a park where this place a lot of change already.I walk with him that day and look all the beautiful lotus flower.It was a good place and nice too.
  One day he was sad and he was holding a book with a chain written "Bennedict L.N".I look at his face and I ask why to him.he told me he always had bad dreams and always dream of something bad to him.He always pray and I saw his face were so sleepy and his eyes like tears raining.
One time also I was scared of thunder.I stay with him that night at a villa.We all friends were together too.I ask him to tell me a story that night before I sleep.He told me a lot of stories.I know he worry about me and the thunder so he had to sleep at the couch in my room.LOL..
Another thing also that you did a lot of things for me.Like you force to carry me because I want you to carry me.Haha..always shy on girl.
Sometimes I always had to do my work after we both join a band.We always had fun and love music.Remember we both travel with my dad to KL for taking your sign in" Chart of The Year"?Then I fell asleep and sleep on your shoulder.It was comfortable and you just scared too.I know you try to remove my head but you give up and leave it.Haha.LOL..I saw it already^^
You also teach me a lot things like skateboard,dancing,singing,reading and a lot one.Like that day accidental knock on your head and step your leg while you teach me dance.And also skateboard spoiled already also.But you always told me don't give up.I never give up.
  Remember ma teach me how to play computer games like Left 4 Dead and Red Alert 3?It was fun and nice also.I like boys games sometimes.LOL..haha.And remember we watch a show until we all scared already call this show is "Paranormal Activity".I was so scared and had to hold your hand.And you were so shock and drop down from the chair already cause I hold your hand and you thought what was that thing really scare ar?
One day also your hair is long and I take your hair and style it.Remember ma?I put a lot of gel and sticky on your hair.You just laugh and play play with was nice looking.Haha.And also you take my hair and make become like all straight up one.Haha.I love your hair style.haha..
Last time when I saw your art is really beautiful and nice.You were drawing two people standing and not face each other.One was you and me.Haha.I know de.And you got shock that I take your drawing and sign it write there "Good luck".Haha..
And also I know you always hate people said this and that to you but you keep patient one.
Remember I hold your hand you feel like want to let go?I know you still always scared but I hold harder and your hand a bit pain.You want to release but I don't want.Cause you so naive one.haha..
One day also I saw you were alone at the shop drinking with your friends that afternoon.I wanted to be with you but all your friends there.So I brave to go there and seat next to you and you got shock.You ask me to sit down and I seat.Your friend suspect we both always.Remember them ma?They ask me who am I la..this la..that la.haha.I tell them I was your best friend and hold your hand again.I can see your face red like hot fire one de.
Sometimes you always go town alone until on that day I always follow you to town.Sometimes I see a lot things there also.Sometimes we both spend time see stars at night also got.Until late night also got too and you scare me you said you saw U.F.O.hahahahahahaXD!!I was laugh crazy already that time.And you were joking with me.
Umm...what again ya?
Oh yah!You also got help me and my father to do musical and work for him.You were playing the harmonica and guitar.It was nice and beautiful.We took and mark it well.Remember you sing this song "In My Life".I was sing with you.You were so happy and cute looking.Your voice is so nice and deeply cool.
You also protect me from someone who almost take me handbag.You were so angry and punch him so hard.I was so scared and never see you like this before.I was so so so scared.
I got a lot story to tell but want to write lazy already oo.
He is the best best best person I ever met.He teach me lots lots of things.Like religion of Christianity,games and many many things de la.
Umm..but I still remember I ask you one crazy question..DO YOU LOVE ME?
 And the answer you did not answer at all one.
and also that night I still remember where you were going to the hospital and you were fainted because you had anemia.I was so worry of you so much.I don't know what was happen to you.I was so scared and it remind me of Lawrence.I was crying and you finally fine and okay.I was scared.
 Actually I want to tell you that I know you a lot and you are my best soulmate.No other people can replace you.
But one day..
I had to leave from here...and we both might cannot meet again but our hearts and link again.And I kiss you for the last time ever on that day at the airport.I was weird why are we doing something stupid.But..we just normal right?Nothing special right?

  I had crush on you that time..but I don't know you with me or not.I don't know why that you are the person who link with me.Ben,I love you.I know you can't take it but we both are best friends.I hope we can meet again always now.It's been 10 years from now since we are best friends.Even your friend(don't want tell you who) tell me you are weird and kind and many many more la.Umm..this is my homework to you.I hope you can read it somehow.Okay la..I want to go now and I hope we can meet again.See you..muahh^^

Ben,I love you.
   I will see you soon^^
To Benny Liew Nogen.And memory of Lawrence A.Laie``

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