Monday, May 17, 2010

Say what!?Weapon and causes..

Like fool in here always doubt life as usual like moron who pass their life just for money. Example like one nation can be sell to almost one thousand trillion dollars(just in case if they had) to making more weapons and nuclear(if one)over one world.
Nation wide has selected that world domination can cause unfolded area and may cause losing human population too.
Nuclear populated to thousand or billion of atomic substance or reaction to mutation or toxic.


About EMP charge power,Laser power and Plasma power


EMP or Electromagnetic pulse,charge can cause all system to shutdown like a shockwave instead than over 50% nuclear radiotion form.
There are many type of EMP but the most famous EMP charge is EMP blast and EMP shockwave.
For this two EMP's,they are the most dreadful and enough to shut a city down and cause over thousands of megawatt of electricity current.


1.For EMP shockwave:
1.Charge over defence:80,000 to 100,000 watts(Whz) per minutes charge
2.Overload charge:Massive damage over one city and cause nuclear radiation

2.For EMP blast:
1.Will cause blast like massive mines or EMP blast charge defence will charge 30% nuclear atoms.Can cause one place radiated and exposed to sun power.
2.Sun power radiation can cause 70% of heat and 30% of shutting down all one city about 700 per square meter.


Laser defence charge beam or atom heat can be expose about 3000 degree celcius and maximum can be heated to a beam of light.
Inside a laser had billions millions of atom that causes high radiation burning sight.It can cause high effect on human neither dows solid armor.
Laser has a compabillity to become a weapon in the future.
Like a laser gun,it can be charge and no need waste of time to refuel your bullet.
2.Laser also can be use for many things and weapons like in Star Wars movie,the Light Saber.

Info: 1.Laser can be extreme powerful that can burn even organic tissue cells and effects on radiation overheat if on too long.
2.Laser can be reach up to 10,000 celcius and enough to slice a building in one chop.


Plasma or a ray(hi-heated atomic radiation) can be a deadly weapon.It contains a small doze of nuclear reaction and it almost like a particle beam to blow a charge.It has 60% of magnectic fields and 20% of electric charge plus 20% of nuclear conductor that enough to kill three person with one shot.

1.Highly contains atomic fusion cause heat or overheat that enough to melt or burn one aluminium down.
Example of density:

Heat: Reach up tp 100,000 celcius
Radiation:Melting substance to liquid.

Neither that,plasma can be use in daily life for everyone and can be generate to electric and waste-usable substance.
Example can use about 70% power for three machines instead using turbine.
Another 30% can be use for recycle things like plastic and burnable usage.

For it,this three weapon can cause very harmful and even nuclear radiation can destroy one whole city almost 1000 square per feet or miles.
As usual,weapon in the next future generation will be very harmful neither it can cost life in Earth.

Benny Liew......(15)

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