Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The meaning of a Phrase words.......

1."Sometimes you can't do what your heart tells you to... sometimes you have a duty to something greater than yourself."
2."You're my friends, and this is my home. If those things are not worth fighting and dying for, then what is?"
3."When the Dragon's roars, do not look for the Rat."
4."We may be doomed to fall, but before we do, we'll give our enemies reason to regret the day they set foot here. Let's show them you don't have to be a hero."
5."Right now, I have friends back in that cave who need rescuing. If you’re any good with that sword, I could use your help."
6."When danger threatens from every side, faith-trust is hard to come by."
7."It ends here. One thousand years of fear and violence and darkness even in the daylight... all over now."
8."Earth and stone, victors under the sea!"
9."It serves no purpose to be false, for the earth cannot be decieved."
10."If we appear to be heroes, then we are heroes!"
11."Everyone respects what they fear, and they can't help but look up to us when we always look down on them."
12."We’re not looking for a new home, focus on the job."
13."Age makes us loud as well as wise."
14."I don’t care if it sings, dances, and can juggle things blindfolded. Can it get us out of here?"
15."And just how are we supposed to track him down? Knock on the doors at somewhere and ask if he can come out to play?"
16."Not luck. It's what you do that makes you a hero."
17."You just saw our technique - we laugh in the face of danger. But sometimes danger doesn't get the joke."
18."There is a wish you can help me accomplish, a world without enemy!"
19."Maybe they will not see me win today. But the human race will go on, and someday they will triumph!"
20."You might say I saw the light ... by looking into the darkness."
21."No idea. But it was sure fun! I just thought about us going faster, and zing! "
22."Why are you hiding? You always used to talk so brave … come out and fight!"
23."All those years we spent hiding in the light ... we were wrong. We should have embraced the darkness from the start."
24."I don’t need to kill you now, I’ve beaten you. Every breath you take from now on is only because I allow it. No matter where you go, who you fight, how many battles you win – you’ll know you’re only walking, talking, living because of me."
25."You cannot destroy me... for I am nothing."
26."I have no allies, For I have no equals."
27."We shared our victories, and our punishment... so we will share the power of this day as well."
28."I have no friends, only enemies I haven't killed yet."
29."There's more to winning a fight than fancy weapons."
30."You are the trash of the desert. And I am the one who will celebrate at your grave.''"
31."Civilized society has no place for me. I will let you leave with your life … if you leave now."
32."Once you fall into my claws it's all over."
33."The secret to being a winner is already knowing the mistakes losers make … and not making them yourself."
(This phrase specially made to everyone...enjoy reading it...=='' )
Benny Liew...

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