Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Party Hard and Groovy Tonight....and also...met a friend who reunited...

Location:Room 14

When I just woke up at 7pm...Miss.Landlady told me to wake up and fetch Wendy as she gonna stay here.I was too happy to hear that!!
Then..I quickly woke up and changed.Then,I that a ride with Ka Zi and rush to fetch her.

Location: Raub Town
As when I call her,she said she wait at us nearby the bus station.I was waiting there.
I ask her "Where are you?"
She said"wait..where are you?..I can"t see you"
"Ok this.I now wearing blue black shirt.Wearing yellow band.Can you see me?"
As right there..she was behind me right the corner.I wave my hand.She saw me.
And then...she said
"You getting taller."
I laugh...
Then,i help her take her luggage inside the car.She was so cute!!!
Oh My God!!!.....Then...I open the car door for her.
She just laugh a little.
I also feeling so nervous.
And then we head to 7Eleven to buy many snack.(Spend almost RM70.90)

Location:The Villa
Then..I help her take out the luggage and put it one side.Miss.Landlady greets her and handle key number 15 to her.Some resident feels happy too but...Sumi only look at her....and Wendy smile at her too.
When I put her luggage inside the room...she told me it's wonderful that she can meet me again....and I smiled at her and told her..." know...when last time I said that I choose my own pathway..I'm sorry"
She just forgive me and say..."No need too...we are best friends right?"
I nodded my head...

It was time....the party...everyone introduce themselves.
And when they introduce themselves...we all share life too...

Here is the list of the residence:

1.Miss.Landlady: Ooya May,age 14,knows how to cook and a good personality and very kind.Room number 1

2.Ka Zi Lee: Age 20,knows how to drives car,loves to drinks Shandy for sometimes,weird also when she snort.Room number 4

3.Lee Da Sun:Always like to see Korean drama,age 17,good in fixing pipes,loves animal too.Room number 6

4.Sumi:Silent...always...I also feeling sad when I heard this.Her parents were in a car crash when she was 13.She always don't talk to us.I hope i can help her.Room number 2

5.Uncle Jo:Age 30,one of the oldest resident here,always hear old songs,like to fishing.Room number 9

6.Mui Se Kang:Age 13,smart,brilliant and loves to investigate about history.She also like to say things complicated for sometimes.Room number 11

7.Nick:Age 16,always like to collect stones that is so pretty...and also...he likes to enjoy sweets.Room number 13

8.Wendy:My friend,long never meet..a little sexy also la...(hahaha)...kind and an emotional girl.Love to read novels too.Room number 15

9.Me:I??...err....kind...always help people,I also don't know how to describe myself...Room number 14

Oh yeah!!...I almost forgot him

10.Ian:age 21,Ka Zi brother,always like to playful with his sister,likes to ride motorcycle in safe way...Room number 5

We all party hard and enjoy eating snacks and bought a cake.Then,Ka Zi gave me a Shandy beer..and Wendy too.She said it is good!!..But..I just try it...(sigh)...not least it's fruit taste.
Then..Miss.Landlady smiled at me and Wendy cause we are new residence here...
Everyone was enjoy.Then,Sumi just ate some sweets and drank Kampai..(japanese fruit wine that doesn't contain any alcohol)...I and Wendy seat next to her so we can at least talk.She just see us.And I ask her real name..she won't tell us but at least we know her name was Sumi...Wendy held her hand and said..."Don't worry..we are friends"
She just laugh a little with us.
Then,Uncle Jo start to dance on the floor.I also dance with him...and tackle it up....everyone enjoy in this night...

We all had party hard tonight.And also I was happy too.Then...Wendy ask me to take her to her room...when reach at the door...she told me..."Ben...thank you"..and hug me,kiss my cheek...I..was nothing to say but to say welcome to her.She try to cry I guess...and I was so touch with her....she let go after the hug and say sorry to me.I said never mind......and we both go off.
And we just best friends...
Then...I return to my room.I started to write my blog here...
I guess that's all....i can type in....Wendy...Is gladly to meet you again...
Benny Liew........

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