Monday, March 22, 2010

Night Of a Moon Sky...

It was dark purple pale with a bright moon on it.I was so deeply sight on the moon.No sound...windy....flowing like a wind touch my hand.I looks up for ward it was shadow around me.
But when that night I woke up...I was on bed...lying down sleeping in darkness.
As I woke up...I saw this man gripping his card deck...he says"Choose one,boy"
I choose a card with my face in it and my eyes were yellow inside with dark spirit aura,flowing into my body and head...I was scared that time.
Then...I look at someone whose body were burn into ashes..feeling of guilt.
I look at that man and said to him.."What is this!!"
He smiled evilly and push me into a wail and intense inside what I have arrived.i saw a bright light and woke up inside a strange paradise.there was many flower and green beautiful and colorful sight.Oh My gosh...where am I??
After that..I woke up and I saw I was on bed...waking up in a headache.
I was just dreaming only I guess.
But...would it be reality??..I guess not...and this nightmare I dreamed was repeated always...
I guess it's a dream after all...

Benny Liew...

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