Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh No!!!.......and up on a incident!!!-

Location:Room 15

It was an tragic accident.I was released my little bunny and ran to get it.I didn't know that Wendy holding a cup of hot water and I rammed through her.
Her hand was splash by hot water and her hand was red.I quickly get her up and carry her to her room.I told her to wait a while to fetch Miss.Landlady to get medic.
I fold her hand and her hand was red.I told her sorry and she forgive me.I just help fold her hand.Everyone saw me and her.One of them chuckled.
I was so worried...and I told her to rest for a while.
Sumi just watch...

I go in her room and check.She was asleep...and I wake her up because it was dinner time.Miss.Landlady told me that actually in this villa are not allowed pets but...she don't mind if I got a bunny inside cause...she likes bunny after all....(hahahaha)...

Location:Dining room...
I seat next her...and saw her hand was still a little injured.I help her to grab some meat and vegetable....Nick just saw us and say"Ehem..."
Me and Wendy just look at him....Uncle Jo was saw our meaningful face.
Sumi just finish her food faster,Ka Zi was busy with her job and little Mui was so happy that she said..."A-ray!!!!"
I had no idea what happen...
Ian was talking to Miss.Landlady that she must inform our new form.Cause..we ain't not visitors anymore...we stay here already.
Ah Sun was about to go out to town buy some snacks.He asked if anyone want to join him.What I surprised is Sumi raised her hand up.I cannot follow him cause I had to take care Wendy.
So...Ah Sun and Sumi take off already......

Location:Room 15

Miss.Landlady and I take Wendy to her room andI told her to rest.I ask Miss.Landlady that she will be fine...and I just tell Wendy if she needs anything just call me or Miss.Landlady.
And also...Miss.Landlady was wondered why am I so kind to anyone..I just scratched my head.So..we both took off and I head to my room.Now...I'm blogging and I'm a little busy now....sending some songs to my bro...Fong...kinda emotional songs....
To Be Continued......

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