Monday, March 22, 2010

Peace and Fill...

After what I have done a week...finally I got my freedom and return to Raub.
I was so happy..and I will meet my friends again.... especially my best friends like Riby and Fong.

I just received a call from someone special.It was...Wendy....Oh My Gosh!!
I was shocked when I heard her voice in the phone.
I said"Is this really you??..Wendy???"

She said.."Yes...come on Ben..we like best friends right?"
It was like a living stone transfer.I was so glad that she is now okay.She tell me that she wants to meet this Sunday.But...on that Sunday...I had no plan.
Well...she ask me to go out with her alone and I had no idea can I go out.
But one thing I curious is about.."HOW THE HELL SHE GOT MY NUMBER??"
At least I'm happy that my long best friend can reunited again and she decided to come back Raub...that's what I guess she told me.
But...I know her feeling towards Lawrence is to deep inside but...I know...that I can be him I face...never mind...
I hope this Sunday I can go out with her.Maybe I'll invite her to Kopitiam Raub,KFC or maybe Marrybrown.Or maybe after that I can invite her the place we use to go always...Taman Tasik Raub that I,her and Lawrence use to seat.
I hope I can make it...(sigh)...and I hope she will not sad always...I mean it as a best friends...(P.S:Not girlfriends that GF..)...

Well...I guess I'll stop here.And I was very happy to hear someone who long gone can return to me...

Benny Liew...

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