Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Failure Leader.....

I try to lead three of us as best I could..(sigh)..I wish I was better at it.But I learn one thing for all we being through...I am what I am.And no matter how much I wanted be...I can't just changed.
Everyday I miss you all smile,and I've promise that our life will go on until the safeties spot we all call home.
And I kept my promise.
That's how everywhere...the same stories and distrust people of our own traitors.They think we all are fools.
I couldn't even say goodbye to you.Even a word,I could not do it for you and him.
If you read this,Wendy,I know it would be how sad and broken your heart is to him.But...cheer up,although we may never meet again,but we'll never forget each other.No matter where we are,our hearts will bring us together again.
But...what we three go on is just 4 years ago since he's gone.4 years ago..just...gone.And we walk our own pathways and never meet again.
Happy birthday,Wendy...

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