Saturday, April 24, 2010

As my heart told me...

Location:In my room...alone with my heart stained..

Every night...I blog and read the pass of my memories,it make me feels heartful day and my sorrow has risen.I know..there was accession in my life.

Well...let me

Location:Home..still on bed...

My mom wake me up and scold me.She tells me that why am I wake up so late...although yesterday night I sleep late.Jeez...she wake me up and told me faster and get ready.I had to go fast instead and then..I took my bath,brush teeth and this and that.Then..I wore my favorite with my new cool tie...and my dearly ring.I started to miss them and look at the mirror.It was delight.

Location:To Bentong...

I bring my phone online with the broadband SIM-card...since it's fast and no need to waste my money.
I online while I was inside the car with my mom,dad and brother.I just look outside.I was cruel..since...the trees of beauty..last was green and not long..trees has turn to sand and sand has turn to heat melt hell.I wonder...if human love the Earth or not?

I just look outside while hearing songs on my ear-phone and this song..(Dawn of Mana op)..start to make me miss someone again.I just had to skip the song and turn it to Green Day rock song..not to make myself sad but happy...and my heart will always remember the person who important to me like her,Fong,Riby,Uncle Peter and everyone who is in my heart including my parents,families and the lost one.

Location:The Mall...

We went in and shopping..I just wanna walk alone only.They all went to buy cloths and their groceries while I went to the computer shop to buy speakers and laptop accessories for my laptop since I had not enough fun on it.I choose only the good quality...and also...the cool and chill nature not to waste economical world.Well..finally..I found it.It was made of wood..the speaker..the cover..looks nice and eco-friendly.I love it so..I ask the shopkeeper to test it and the sound was cool.So..I bought it.
Then...I check on DVD-PC games...all of them were boring so..I decided not to buy any just to buy one's Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight cost me about RM10.00 only.Then..I find a bench and seat down while wait for my parents and brother.I online on my phone to check my status on Facebook and read my my heart still..remember her.I didn't call her...although...this SIM-card cannot call.
My dad came out and ask me what am I buying...and he said.."What a worthless things."...and I didn't care for him and I know what am I doing.


Location:In the mall restaurant..(Don't know what it call..)

In there...we ate lunch and this is the first of 2 years I ate lunch together with my parents and brother..although my sister still in KL study..I miss her also.
We ate and I was just silent.My mom talk with my brother and me.I just don't care.Never treat what is up.My dad was happy for her but never know what is on.I just alone on one side.
Then..after finish..I ask permission to go others shop for a while and my brother wanted to follow but...I don't let him because I want to be alone.And I went to an antique buy something for my dear...a she gave me one yesterday.I ask the shopkeeper is there any ring that is cute for girls and she gave me choose one.I just look on it and she ask me why am I buying one and I told her I wanted to buy for my friends.She suddenly said.."You buy for girls must be your girlfriend..right?"(in Chinese)..and I just said.."Kinda"...and she smiles at me and said me.."You so handsome..."..and I just scratch my head.Finally..I choose one for her...the pattern it suite and cute..."Isn't the heart ,it's love"..and that's the carve for her.Cost...RM32.00 and the shopkeeper gave me discount RM25.00..and I just smiled at her and said thanks.Not to forget..I bought a mug for myself too.

Location:On the way home...

My parents waiting..and ask me where am I going and I told them I bought a mug for myself and secretly buy something special for someone.
Then...I help my mom and dad carry their things and went to the car.From there...we ready to go home.From there...too...on the eyes has shut...sleep and still for a few moment...after I online in my eyes...really deep...slumber.

Location:Home... home...test my speaker and the DVD-PC game...and try on was fun..and I had waited the game for so long.I hope..Wendy would love this game too.
Then...I start to online until 05.00pm...and off it.Then..I visit my my old friends.She was riding with her bike with her was Sze.She shocked when she saw me and I just greet her and talk to her.I talk about my life there and she was...look still chill always.Then..I and her brother talk for a while...then..I had to go home and we both shake hand and moved away.

Location:In my room...

My mom cook dinner and she call everyone to eat dinner.I didn't cause I'm not hungry.I started to miss Miss.Landlady or preferred called Miss.May...miss her cooking that so sweet smells I ever knew.So...I'm not hungry.
I online till now....then....

Location:In my room...sad in present....happy in past... holding the ring...that she gave me.."The Triangle Ring"...and hold her"Isn't the heart ,it's love: and hope her finger fit inside.Maybe..what the shopkeeper was right..I am handsome...hahahaha....kinda.....sigh...looks like my heart turn happy and I know...only three days. my life...there was dreadful enough to know what is best but...inside...there must be a joyful sight.
Then...I look at the moon outside..and hoping what is she doing...and I send a message to her.

"Dear...sleep well,I know we apart but don't worry...only 3 day days.And also...thanks for the ring..I love you as I always.And I had a little surprise under your sky.So..goodnight...and see you tomorrow...
From...your best friend,Ben"

That's is what I send and she replied...

"I know and I will wait for it...(@&#^@^*$%@$*@(%$@^#)..I love you too"

I don't understand at all her Chinese words...maybe..she gave me a to see??..Nevermind..I will ask someone later or tomorrow. had to go and...spend online for a while.After this...I wanna sleep and pray before sleep...what is cool for her and tell her to study hard...and hope she will be success in one day.

To Be Continued.........

Benny Liew........(A dear sign of myself for her......)..............^^

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