Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Read back phase...

Location:Room 14

Finally!!!I had return and my room is clear!Well..about yesterday..

Location:Back to the villa...

Well...I was to happy and my mom take me there.Finally,I had return and saw Miss.Landlady was outside sweeping the front.I call upon her and she smiled at me.She helped me and take my luggage inside.I tell my mom and dad goodbye take care.I also tell my brother take care and see you too.Later..they all go home and I walk with Miss.Landlady inside.I ask her where is Wendy and everyone as she told me everyone is inside doing their work.It was silence there.

Location:In room 14..

I thanked to Miss.Landlady and feel refresh..standing on the "tatami" floor.Then..I went to Room 15.I knocked the door and someone has open.It was her..and I put my hand on her shoulder,told her I had return and she hug me from side.
I was happy..to see her okay.And I talk to her...as...I bought a ring for her..help her where in and my face were blushy...and it was fit.Exact!!She thanked me and kiss me on the cheek.I walk unconsciously.Then..dinners ready by then.
Well..I pull her up and I told her dinners ready.She arm link with me outside and we both walk together to the dining room.

Location:Dining room..

We look at Miss.Landlady cook happily and she cooked..err...(Maggi Noodle with oyster sauce plus garlic).
It was good and I prepared the desert that is...(7-Up plus with lychee's)..and it was sweet and lime taste.
Well..everyone loves it an Uncle Jo happy to see me and so does everyone.They ask me how is life there..and I told them.."As terrible as can be"..and we all laugh.Well..after that...I help Miss.Landlady wash the bowl and plates..then..when to my room.
Wendy start to create her Facebook account and I was surprise on it.I add her..and she add me.Haha..like we both best meant to be.

Location:Room 14..

I put all my things inside and Wendy was a little busy.Must's be revision and doing her things.I don't want to disturb her so..I online.
I chat with Uncle Peter and Fong..as they both chat with me..I realize...my dog,Law..was with me all the time just now and it sleeping on my lap.It's my son..my cute fella.

Location:Room 14...

When I chat with Fong...my laptop zapped!!It shut down because..I didn't put the battery and I just plug in.It was blackout so..I stop till yesterday and feeling unlucky.Damn...but..it was cold outside..and it was chill..I hope..Wendy will be with me.

Well..about today..

Location:Way to school...

As normal...7 hours crap!!!Meet Riby..help her..and worry...about a case in school..what an animal!
Rain falls...damn!!...My cloths!!..That;s is what I worry of.Hang with Riby at the canteen and my brother came...and my dad arrives...but I waited for Ka Zi...then,I went in to my father car and said "See ya" to Riby.Later...my dad put me at the villa and Ka Zi were just want to take me.

Location:Room 15..

Wendy help me as the rain was so heavy.So...I had a bath..later...I went in to Wendy room for study and teach her English and History.She just concentrate on me.She also teach me Chinese as I not so good on it.The rain stops and we both wanna rest.

Location:Dining room...

Nothing special as for it...I was a little hungry so I ate little and went off.Wendy wanted to rest too so she sleep already.I pray for her all my life in justice.
Well...since today rain...the boys..(Ah Sun,Uncle Jo,Nick and Ian) went to fishing at Sg.Ruan.I don't like to fishing.
Well....Wendy looks like fell asleep and she was rest her body and rest well.Sleep well,my dear.

Location:Room 14...

Looks like I end here...and the ring I gave her...was beautifully fit!!Well..I got to go..because...I want to rest and watching movie title Bionicle 3 Web Of Shadows..well..see you all later...

I love you...my dear...and my friends too.

To Be Continued............

Benny Liew.......(Sigh...what a day...cloth wet..T.T"").....................

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