Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trouble in unexpected time...(Part 2)

Location:Room 15.... mom came to my villa with my brother just now.They both wanna stay for a while but just only a few minutes and leave.Closely...they both didn't meet anyone...and my mother told me she gonna visit me next week...and I must prepared.

Well...about yesterday...

Location:Main door...

Me,Mui Mui and Wendy was shocked and blew a sigh...cause...our wet...and blew away to the other side...what the hell!!??...that means...we can't go to school and Ka Zi would took a day off.
Well...Ka Zi laugh..Miss.Landlady show her sour face and we three can't do anything.

Then...we all had to change and go to our the morning turn to an evening sight.
Why is the sky is so dark even though now is 10.00am in the morning?
Then...there's a storm..."BAAANNNNG!!!!BOOOMMM!!!!"...I shocked and ran in to my room!!!I was afraid and the supply were out!!
Miss.Landlady went to the supply room with Ian and saw that one of the supply were shutdown....damn!!I had to check a little...and Miss.Landlady had to call an engineer to fix it.
Then...I went in to Wendy room..and start to rain heavily...that time was 11.30am... start to become storm...Wendy told me to come near and I did.She was freezing.Her hand...oh my..and I blanket her...and she told me to come nearer..but...I come the nearest I can...and she hold my hand!!And hug my body.What happen?
And the rain keep on harder and harder...until it stops....
Later on....Wendy told me that...she was wonder she call me come closer...
On that time...the rain starts again...and although I didn't went to ends.

location:Room 15....

"BOOOOMMM!!!!...BAAAAAANNNGGG!!!!!"...she hugged me again!!!...What the...that time I was seating and reading my lost my page...and she was shaking.I was worried of her.
She sneezed..and I lap her mucus...had too...and threw it away.I went was like hurricane..and wash my hand use the rain. was ugly.

Then..she told me that...she wanted to rest on her bed.She also wanted to hear a story.
I can't tell her any but...I on a song..and cuddle me from the side.I was freaking off but had to stand.It was cold now..and the room getting darker.

Location:Room 15...

We...WE FALL ASLEEP FROM 3.00PM TO 7.30PM!!???????...WHAT THE HELL!!???
Then....Wendy was asleep...and Miss.Landlady knock the door.I woke up and fetch it open.She told me what am I doing and I told smiled at her.
Then...I told Wendy to wake up...and she wake up..and her hand was cold.I pull her up and she almost fell.I told her..."Dinners ready"...and we both head to the kitchen.
Location:Dining room...
We ate slow...and Uncle Jo is one the go.He said.."ON RAINY DAY SHOULD BE A GOOD FISHING DAY!!!"...cause...if rain..go fishing..and Ian with Nick..wanted to join too.Sumi just ate her food and went to her room with Miss. Landlady.I wash the plates and bowl.Wendy just wash the cups.After we finish...we both went back to our rooms and rest our stomach.

Location:Room 14...

I was rest and Wendy were rest too.She was reading her books and I don't disturb her.So..I chat with Fong and my kai pa..(Uncle Peter)..for a while....and I chat with Fong usually...(emo+romantic+sensitive) usual...the extinct mankind.

Location:Room 14....

It was raining and I check on her...she had a flu and she was coughing hard.I thought she was choked and I had to push her chest..(not that thing..)...but she said..she got a seriously cough.
Well..I gave her 2 pills..and one spoon of cough drops..she said.."Taste horrible.."
Later...she fast asleep.Then...I went to my room..and re-chat with Fong..later...I went to bed...and sleep in hope signs of dreams....


I woke up..rush...bath and told Wendy to rest before I went to comes my 7 hours of crap!

Time:Between 11.00am

Oh my!!...I found Fong and Rabiatul was talking to the teachers and I gave Fong a surprise attack on his neck.I reach on me and talk to me.
I explain to him that...I..err...that...nevermind..bla bla bla....

After I meet Fong...I went to class...just in case not to get punish.



Later...I meet my brother...came on my school..and with Riby,,,cause,,I promise Fong to be her bodyguard...hahahaha....
Later...I help Riby carries her bag..(is she bring all her books???!!!..)...heavy!!...But...Fong taught me one thing..gentleman.
After help Riby...I went up and mom..and brother...
They both fetch me home by then.
I reach at the villa.


Just like Part 1 in my blog..I was tired and mom and dad..plan to visit me next Saturday.
I just tell them...come. mom and brother went home and Wendy came upon me with her red face.She was still okay.I touch her forehead.It was cool...and she was healthy...but her nose...was flowing.I was tired and went to my room with her.Miss.Landlady and Mui Mui were boring cause...raining..and puppy..was spinning and chasing it's own tail.

Location:Dining room...

After I sleep..till dinners ready.Uncle Jo wake me up like he's a ghost!!
I was shocked and jump!!!He also shocked!!
Later...dinner smells good.It was...mushroom cream with spaghetti noodles plus chicken soup for the cold.I thanked Miss.Landlady and she gave me a hug for a while.Wendy won't get jealous cause...we thanked her a lot for her service.

Later..after finish....we all...went to our rooms and rest.

Location:Room 15...

Now..I inside her laptop were on and my broadband bill was pop up.Cost me RM67.95....and it was cool.
I chat with Fong and my kai pa...Uncle I was wrote a poem to everyone who important to me.

The title is:

Write a New Note
How important are my friends and important for my life...

To all of them...I wanted to tell you all about my feelings...


This poem is a special to everyone I know best,
Even though know more than years,
But in my life I will never forget,
A drowsy set of my cold is wet.

You being best for me after 4 years we re met,
But you being sad when we 4 years before we re met,
In my life,you're a best friend in my life,
And I never doubt you as my personal greatest day in my side.
(To Wendyll)

I am sorry what we being through,
I know both of us has suffered after you've gone, my life I will always remember you,
For the rest of my eternal life I will stay in your days.
(To Lawrence)

Dear dear what is dearly,
Fate fate what is fated,
You teach me everything what is love and what is life,
But you teach me a meaning of true life.
(To Uncle kai pa)..)

Love matters doesn't exist in matter like science,
It came out from the nature of human,
But I know what it's emotional and romance,
But sensitive instead a same of ain't cruel dive.
(To Frankie Fong..)

Oh my when we met?,
Three years never pass that is it?,
My best friend is in my eyes,
Rubbing tears isn't a fast long life.
(To Riby) teach me fate?,
You computer brain ain't work it cool,
But you are my grand cousin in a chill hot shoe,
I will respect you in a cool and chill.
(To Wai Hong)

Daddy daddy I know you,
You a person who gave me life,
In my soul it's your life,
You are my precious person in my life.
(To my dad,Liew Yoke Wah)

Mummy..I'm sorry what I have done the pass,
I know you and dad always fight,
But I pray to Lord he will reply,
He reply for my good life and loving life.
(To my mother,Johara Mahek)

You maggot fool and crump moron!!,
You disturb me everytime!,
But you are still my brother and my saver,
You should respect me instead I respect you!
(To my brother Terry)

Sister sister what you do?,
You can't fool me ain't more,
I can see your face in my life,
That you're be a good woman in the future of our generation.
(To my sister,Christine Liew)

This ain't 7-inch long!,
And we laugh like mad more than 7 times a day,
You're cool in maths and science as well as the universe,
And one day..a planet will be a cool verse of life.
(To my cousin Johnathan Goh)

Stop tease and be grizzly,
You're still small and I know you're young,
If you're eat well I know you're strong,
As I awake and be strong.
(To my cousin,Jessica Goh)

You're my teacher and I'm your student,
You're my "kai ma" and I'm your "Kai chai",
You give me hope and meaning of cool life,
And also help me improve my Chinese life.
(To kai ma)..)

I know you can't read this well,
But you still can understand,
You teach me a lot things about girls needed life,
One day..I will help you when you got in fight life.
(To Pei kai da yi,also known to Miss.Fong sister..)

I ask question that is not known to you,
You answer "I don't know",
But still I'm sorry about that,
Even this knowledge is cool to me.
(To Amyee kai siew yi,also known to Miss.Fong little sister)

SIR!!...what you'cha doing?,
You teach me English and I am listening,
For some reason I can't listen,
You still my teacher of my hope.
(To Sir Leong..)

Best friends we both we know,
Since last three years we just know,
But you tell me tales that I don't know,
I can know if you are my sorrow.
(To Tey Wen Shi)

This was a trial,
My memories you had heal,
Thanks a lot you cure me,
And I will never doubt you again.
(To Siew Yee Mei..or called May)

Being a great neighbor is being a great friend,
We met since we were young and little,
Hey...there is more offence,
Friends is counted as a best trust friends.
(To Wong Sze neighbor)

Big and strong muscle he got,
Cool and chill that he guts,
Man and guts must have one,
He saved my life once.
(To brother Chin Hong)

Grandma grandma...I know you know very little English,
You're my cool and chill grandma I ever know,
Even thought you are old,
I will reach you till it fold.
(To my grandma..Wong Thai)

And lastly....

Lord told us that Jesus gave us His life,
And I know Lord would help us one day,
My life is belong to Him,
I will pray Him an AMEN.
(To Jesus Christ...who watching us in our life..)

For all my friends who doesn't in my list here,
I understand what is important,
Although you're ain't cool with me,
One day we'll be more chill and cool.

(My honest word to you all...).......

Later....went I wrote it..I wanted really cried.Why?...why am I crying? there a secret behind me?What is it? will be once forever.

Just now...Wendy scolded me..cause..I was listening to rock least she told me to turn the volume down and I did and U chat with Fong.

Location:Room 14...

Well..I finish my blog...and return to my room..cause..Wendy already sleep..and I awake as usual.
Why...why is my life feels so drowsy?...sigh...maybe..maybe Lord knows. finger hurts...and my fingers pain..cramped!!
Well...looks like I just finish here.I got to go now.And friends...I love you my life..I will never forget all...
By the life...there is a destiny...

To Be Continued.......^^......

Benny Liew..................(In memories...there are memories of unforgotten but to know what is destiny lies on us..)..................

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