Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seems to be a good day...and night.

Location:Room 15...

Well..this morning ain't cool..wake up at 11.43am..and eyes were blurry.Take my glasses and towel...head to the bath room and brush my teeth.
Then..I went in to my room and change my cloth.
I open the door and saw the bright was..bright beautiful. usual...I meet Miss.Landlady mopping the floor outside the corridor.I ask her where is everyone and she told me that Uncle Jo and others went out while Sumi is inside her room.Wendy..err...she doesn't know where.

Location:The garden site..

I went outside and sat there..almost fell asleep but awake by the sun!!As like that...someone was nearby me and shocked me up!!It was her...

Later..she held my hand up as I wanna wake up and stand.My back still cool but my leg is not cause still a little hurt.
She ask me will not follow me to the church day she will.So..she will be alone for three or four hours at home.I wasn't feeling a little disappointed but..I understand..she is tired and homework kinda a lot.I can help I am busy.

Location:Outskirt area..

We both later went outside for a walk.I walk with her for a while and see outside what happen.It was incredible between 05.50pm because..I can see the moon with a crescent clearly!!It was...remarkable!!
She told me's an eclipse.I just smile at her and cheers at her cause...we both were drinking 100Plus and eating ice cream while walking.Now..I had to head home and prepare myself.

Location:Room 14..

I just finish bath..and changed my church youth senior arrive and fetch me.I told her "See ya'later...and good luck.If anything just call me"..I told her.She just nodded her head and let go.
So..I got to go then.


We all had fun but..still..I miss reason why am I like that...jeez.We all later ate spaghetti..and they overcooked..feeling like wanna puke cause,it was sour and spicy too much!!
Later...we all chat for a while.Ying Yi,my senior Youth,want a few horror novel books from me and horror anime too.I told her.."Okay!!..I will give you tomorrow"..and chatted about the stories that I read.I told was horror cause..the anime...content...Oh My GOD!!!..Got cannibalism...eating..killing..jeez..I can't really stand!
Then..she got to go and went in to her house..cause..the church is her house.


Ka Zi came and fetch me.Looks like it will be a happy time to go home...and Ka Zi,she use Simpang Kalang road to go home.It was dark and i told her that..she..had a boyfriend or not.She just keep silence..and I told her sorry...but..she just laugh at me and call me "NAIVE"??...err...maybe I am..we both laugh inside the car and almost hit a cat!!.. hahahaha...luckily..the cat didn't got kill..
Finally!!..Reach home...and rush inside to my room..she wasn't there..but..she was with Mui Mui,talking.She saw me..and stand up and reach upon me.She told me she was glad to meet me again and Miss.Landlady told us(Me,Wendy,Ka Zi and Sumi to have supper with her)..we all agree!!Before that..I reach to my room and on my laptop...and start chat with Fong while..and then..rush away to the dining room.

Location:Dining room...

We all enjoy hot mushroom was rainy and cold.Hmm..very nice and hot.Suitable for cold weather!!...
We all talk about..the weather that is very weird,about school,life and the most ridiculous one...we almost hit a cat!!..hahaha...
Later...after finish..I help Miss.Landlady wash the bowl and tell everyone goodnight...cause..they wanna go to bed.Wendy told me to standby in her room..cause..she want me to be with her for a while.

Location:Room 15..

Now..she's sleeping and I laying down on the sofa...feel soft..and comfort.Just now..I was story telling to her..and she asleep..cold and sneezed...I just hold and for a while and rub her hand.She then..slept and I just gave her a head kiss..and went back to her soft sofa.Now..I finish blogging..and feeling a good day and is to go to church and with the children..then, the Lord...
Hmm...maybe..I'm lucky but..I never trust in luck.
Luck...hmm...maybe it's real...jeez..
Now..I watching her sleeping..with her cute face..and turn around everytime.
Well...looks like I just to go now...I mean..tired and feeling cool and chill.You gotta chill!!And be cool!!
See ya'll later....^^
And's a good day for living....

To Be Continued......

Benny Liew....(Be chill...and be cool my friends!!)...^^

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